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"Standing on the river bank, where not wet shoes. "This flexibility when you need a comfortable pair of rain. I plant a "license to fly species" oilsugarThe His boots for you himself. "Fei Lu card" oilsugarThe boots using the latest technology and raw materials from Taiwan, with oil-resistant, heat-proof. not fragmented, the aging characteristics of the same type and can be acid, alkali and salt and other chemicals, tenacious stand wear and anti-wear. generally applicable to all mines, oil fields, construction, agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and urban and rural residents, the situation is now an essential tool. Documents Dongdai plastics factory is specialized in the production of "fly species card" oilsugarThe shoe manufacturers factory will be located in Fuzhou City in Fujian Province -- Dongdai industrial satellite town next to the town, 55 kilometers from Fuzhou, the town 11 km, Department of Highway 100 is located adjacent to the strategic location and convenient transportation. Plant 15 years, enterprises will continue to grow and develop. Currently, a total investment of 12 million yuan in fixed assets, the factory covers 35,000 square meters. Two output reached 10 million.

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